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This enterprise was started in 2007 by Chris Vogel, a retired Engineer, who worked in the Aerospace industry for Lockheed Martin and prior to that for Gould Ocean Systems, a contractor providing a Mobile Submarine Simulator to the US Navy. He worked in the particular area of failure analysis, which may have influenced why he went beyond just being a consumer audiophile and began to work in development.


In the mid 70s he was a consumer audiophile. In the mid 80s began modifying speakers* and phono cartridges.** In the early 90s built some speakers.***


In 2000, he began with the development of a unique ground plane cable which, rather than provide a conductive path as wires normally do, it provided an inductive-like path very sensitive to the minute eddy currents on the ground plane. From this cable product, called the X-LINK, other cables with sophisticated filters were developed. Progress brought this enterprise to the point where the latest premier products are the Vogel Interconnect Cable and the Vogel Power Conditioner.


The founder of Vogel Audio is also the founder of Space Coast Audio Society and he has also served the greater number of audiophiles for many years as the Stereophile contact listed in the magazines Calendar Of Industry Events Industry Update.



*(Fried Q3) ** (Audio Tech) *** (Aphelion, Diaphanous)

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Audio systems can be plagued by a subtle ambiguity.  The intonation and rhythm of music are not clearly delineated.  Our minds

constantly work to correct for these slight and random variations. Our products dramatically reduce this problem. Vogel Audio has

done pioneering work in ground plane and magnetic field technology.  We meld technology with innovative thinking.  The result is

relaxed and more satisfying musical enjoyment because there is no uncertainty of timing or pitch.  The subtle dynamic inflections of

artists become more apparent and musical involvement goes up enormously. 



Text Box: http://www.xlinkaudio.com                                                                                                             http://www.xlinkaudio.com
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