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Gateway Notebook fitted with a Solid State Drive, SSD, using AOMEI Backupper.



SCAS serving Mid-East Florida

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PA's BACK-UP SYSTEM TWO:  Oppo BDP103D with attached hard drive containing both CD quality and above files (including DSD and multi-channel DSD and can be accessed with the Oppo Media Control App vs. the TV ), Sherbourn PRE-1 preamp and an Emotiva XPA200 amplifier. Speakers are B&W P6s augmented by a Rel Q150 subwoofer. Components are connected to a VanSevers Clean Line Reference Model 85 power conditioner.  System has home made custom cabling. There are home made acoustical treatments.  Furniture is Salamander Synergy.  System is set-up with an Audio Control one third octave RTA.



OSís SYSTEM:† mac mini, Lampizator gen 4 level 4 dac, joule electra preamp, Spectron amp, synergistic research power cell power conditioner, Spatial M4 speakers, HIDiamond and high fidelity cabling.




JR's SYSTEM: Denon DP-755 TT, SME M2-9R tone arm, Rega Exact phono Cart., Apple MacBook Pro. music server, Wadia 22 CD Transport, exaSound e32 DAC, Quicksilver Full Featured Preamp, Pass Labs X250.5

power amp, Tice Audio, Power Block III Signature Series power conditioner, Tice Signature and Quicksilver power cords, Burley from Pass Labs Interconnects and speaker wire, Clearday Interconnects and Mike Morrow speaker wire (tri-wired).††† Speakers are from Dick Shahinian's prototype storage closet of misfit loudspeakers, include non-

production, one off Shahinian Arcs as tops and custom modified Shahinian Eagle woofer bottoms (never went into production), Townshend Maximus super tweeters with Townshend jumper cable, A&R Sports Ice hockey pucks as turntable and speaker footers. Cork sheet

isolation between speaker tops and bottoms.