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SCAS - we are a dedicated group of audiophiles in Mid-Florida


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CVs SYSTEM: showing OPPO 105 with modified power supply, Oppo connects directly to either Wyred 4 Sound STI-1000 integrated or Antique Sound Lab Hurricane mono tube amps with Response Audio mod, Gershman Grande Avant Garde speakers. Not shown are Paradigm PS-1000s and Velodyne mini-V subwoofers fed by DSpeaker, a digital library is on a SS Hard Drive connected directly to the OPPO 105. Components connected with custom cabling, with AC through a custom built Power Conditioner. Stand built with 4 Mapleshade platforms. Tweaks include an extensive amount of BBs and custom designed footers by JK of SCAS.

JKs SYSTEM: Schiit Audio Yggdrasil DAC fed by an Auraliti PK90 USB hard drive player/transport. Belles VT-01 preamp (hybrid tube). Belles MB200 amplifiers. Montana XP speakers with Velodyne DD15 sub augmenting below 45HZ, and a BSG Technologies QOL Completion Stage which is inserted between the DAC and Pre-amp.

PA's MAIN SYSTEM:  An HAL (Hollis Audio Labs) MS-2 Music Server (with Oyen Digital hard drives) running JRiver (with JRemote on an iPad mini) with an iFi USB Power Supply feeding a Meitner MA-1 DAC, Modwright LS-36.5 DM (dual mono) preamp with outboard power supply and a Modwright KWA-150ES (signature edition) amplifier. Speakers are Thiel CS3.7s  augmented by two Rel Storm III subwoofers. Rack is (350 pounds constructed of veneered MDF and machined aluminum) custom built by Odyssey Audio.  Components are connected to a Torus RM20 power conditioner on its own 20 amp circuit (the main integrated AV system also has two additional 15 amp circuits one which is used for the receiver and one for the Wyred4Sound monoblock amp for the center channel).  System has both purchased and home made custom cabling and an Oppo 103D for available use as a transport (on a Gingko Audio Cloud 10 platform).  There are store bought (ASC Tube Traps) and home made acoustical treatments.  System is set-up with an Audio Control one third octave RTA.